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Got some lovely feedback from a gentleman that used to be a member of the old DEEP PURPLE FOREVER club the other day. He had checked out what I am up to these days and read some recent RETROFUTURE stuff. I was happy to see that he thought that the Tornado Blaze novel (published in two magazines last year) was “astounding!” and that the variety of the stuff I create these days is so big. “More is more” he said, quoting a famous Yngwie Malmsteen interview.

I really appreciate feedback, especially from people that has connected with my output long ago. I would say that RETROFUTURE is largely unknown to the old Purple crowd, which is a bit sad. Especially since I never stopped supporting Purple.

Thank you Erik.

(Archive photo of model Ellinor Nordbakk as Tornado Blaze, July 2012)



I think I have published a few decent covers over the years. Here is DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issue 10, created back in 1994. Actually, a friend of mine did this one. Photographers include Matz Lagnefors (Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale), Robert Lundgren (Joe Satriani and Ian Gillan), Stephen Wunrow (Ritchie Blackmore) – the early MK2 shot comes from an early Japanese “Made In Japan” release. My buddy did not want credit for the cover at the time, so I will keep it like that.

20 years ago now…