Today I am happy to say that RETROFUTURE 7 has gone to the printers, so the plan for a release in May looks rock solid. As usual, I will print 1000 copies of which about 900 will be handed out for free (mostly in my neck of the woods, but some to the States as well).

As stated before, this is the first issue of the final four, it will all end with RETROFUTURE 10 one day. The Montana Blue comic will be spread out over these final magazines, and this starts now. About 24 pages (of the 60) belongs to Montana Blue in this issue.

The Deep Purple party I threw last year is also featured, seven pages in all (mostly in English) with plenty of pictures. 100 copies will be sent over to Johnnie Bolin for the Tommy Bolin festivities in Sioux City this summer. Friends of this blog will know the story (if this is news to you, just locate the “Deep Purple party 2013” category on this blog). It was a twin city kind of thing. So that will be fun.

Pretty happy about this issue, it is exactly as eccentric as it should be. The interview with Michael “Mojo” Nilsson is a good one (his personal favourite as we speak, which is nice to hear), and I like the cover shot. The last session I ever had with the old Sony DSC-S750 (digital) camera.

Anyhow, the countdown is on.

(My cover shot)

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