Ehrenmark was the man

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Books, Cool stuff


Today I will pay homage to a Swedish journalist named Torsten Ehrenmark, whom in my opinion, was the best that we ever had. Born in Sweden in 1919, he died in London in 1985 while still working out in the field. He would travel the world to report on the events of the day. An entire generation of journalists looked up to the man, and for good reason.

Between 1966 and 1985 he published his own annual book, called Årets Ehrenmark (The Ehrenmark Annual). In this he let his humorous side out and each book would contain several short chapters about his life. It was often memories of mishaps and awkward moments. As a reader you would just roar with laughter as he took you to London, Paris and New York.

A quick example (from memory, I read this years ago and it stuck). Ehrenmark arrives in England on short notice and an important sports event is about to take place. His wife is on the way and he is in a real hurry to rent an apartment. He finds a place, looks it over, takes it, and hurries out to do his job. When he gets home to the newly rented place he finds out that it has no kitchen. His wife is not amused. The end.

Now, a story like that is funny in itself, but he had a way with words that enhanced the reading experience greatly. When he was done telling it, your spirit would be lifted. Reading Ehrenmark was good for the soul. He was so great at his craft nobody else got even close. A cartoonist called Poul Ströyer worked with him, quite a team.

I have collected Ehrenmark for years, I think I have most of his books by now but I still keep an eye open (they published books well after his passing). The 1966-1985 run is the stuff you need though.

I salute the legacy of Mr Ehrenmark.

(The book seen is the 1967 edition, cover by Ströyer)

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