Today I am happy to announce that there will be a Deep Purple party in Östersund (Jämtland) on November 23 (a Saturday). The place is the recently established rock club Jane Doe. The real festivities begins at 19.00 although dinner guests that arrive earlier will be able to hear related music but a tad quieter. The party wraps up at 02.00. Age limit is 21 at Jane Doe.

There will not be a band but DJ´s will play Purple Family stuff all night long. One hour will be devoted to the music of Tommy Bolin (Billy Cobham, James Gang etc). Since the party is connected in spirit to the festivities that took place in Sioux City in early August, the evening is dedicated to Tommy and the memory of Deep Purple MK4.

An article that features both events will be printed in RETROFUTURE 7 next year – so if you pop up you better be ready to smile at the camera if somebody asks you to!


This is a picture of Johnnie Bolin, Tommy´s brother. He is featured in RETROFUTURE 6 (Purple edition) and 100 copies was sent to Sioux City for the Bolin nights they had a few months ago. A few Tommy Bolin things will be given out to the guests at our party during the evening, sent from him.

Two special drinks, created for this party, will be served to interested guests. They are called “Deep Purple” (you can guess the colour!) and “Lady Luck” (reddish, inspired by the “Come Taste The Band” cover).

Free books, CD´s, DVD´s etc will be given out during the party. A guest that buys a beer or a drink may suddenly be handed a little bonus like this. To get a gift is not a right, it is an extra bonus if you are lucky. Chances are not bad though. These gifts comes from myself and certain record companies etc, including Deep Purple (Overseas). Details in RETROFUTURE 7 next year.

Backissues of DEEP PURPLE FOREVER and RETROFUTURE (and some other titles) will be available to pick up free of charge. You can walk away with 10-15 different magazines should you want to. For fans of the Deep Purple Family, this will be a night to remember. So let us all have a good time as we celebrate the loudest music on the planet – at Jane Doe, the best place in town!

(A new category has been created on this blog for this party)

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