Codex – Dio interview issue (2001)

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Deep Purple party (2013), Magazines, Retrofuture


As a freelance journalist, one needs to have the ability to spot a good opportunity when it presents itself. Back in 2001, when Dio were scheduled to play a couple of shows in Sweden (alongside Alice Cooper and Ratt), I realised that Ronnie James Dio must have plenty of fans in Fantasy circles. So I asked a magazine that was aimed for a readership that was into games, roleplay, books etc if they wanted an interview with the man. I wasn´t too surprised when they jumped at the opportunity to add my article and thus I was in the perfect situation to sit down with Ronnie and conduct a broader kind of interview, which he loved (I could tell, he really opened up).  Dio didn´t get the cover in Codex (July 2001), but with a dragon on display it was a pretty perfect match anyway. Looking back, I consider this a very good example of how good something can turn out, even when you cross over like we did here. The same publication bought a Nightwish interview from me later (another perfect match – both interviews are on this blog should you want to read them).

This interview with Dio also turned out to be one of the best that I ever did, and on top of that it was being filmed by my friend Michael Johansson. I have showed this interview to students when I have done talks about media and journalism. The interview was never used in my publication DEEP PURPLE FOREVER at the time, but I have re-printed it twice since, in TOP SECRET 2009 and RETROFUTURE 5 (2012). Quotes have popped up in books. I hope the interview can be used in a decent documentary some day.

I think I may have copies in the basement, so chances are that I will give a few away on the upcoming Deep Purple party in November.

(My scan of said cover)

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