Whitesnake – Bloody posers incident

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Here is a memory from days gone by. On May 7 1981 I interviewed Whitesnake in Stockholm at a place called Mosebacke Pub. The whole band was present and I got to talk with David Coverdale, Jon Lord, Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray before the band was led down some stairs outside the place to pose for some pictures for the press. This photoshoot only lasted a couple of minutes but it was a memorable one thanks to Ian Paice, who suddenly stated his desire to be somewhere else to everybody. “Bloody posers” he said, and “Why don´t you just take pictures of David?”. This snapshot, taken at this very moment by my friend Patrik Hökby, captured the incident. You can see David looking at Ian with some surprise, one can only wonder what was going through his mind at this very moment?

True, journalists had (initially) largely ignored the band except for David, which may have pissed Ian off, but it was still a strange thing to behold. I have seen many photoshoots in my day of bands big and small, but never one quite like this.

I have lost the original photograph, so this is a scan from DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE issue 22 (published in May 1981). Many thanks to photographer Patrik Hökby.

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