Tarja – beautiful and clever

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Classic Rock


Tarja Turunen is the most interesting artist in rock today and when she is surrounded by people that can support and nurture her great things happen. Her ambition seems to be to create the perfect blend of classical scores and the like, with the possibilities of rock. Two great sources, if you know how to fuse some of it to the kind of thing that we can hear on this record. “Colours In The Dark” sucks you into her world with ease, a place many have come to love deeply.

I hear plenty of wonderful things on this record, created with the kind of talent that is quite rare in rock today. In fact, I hear great music and little moments of pure magic here and there, but I don´t hear the hits that this world wants and expects. Tarja may want that, for the recognition, but she is going to have it on her own terms. I suppose some of these songs could pop up in movies etc, which could help.

Also, I wonder what a collaboration with Tony Iommi or Ritchie Blackmore could have added to some of this stuff? Some of the riffs here are not grand enough to quite fit in. Apart from that, lovely album. It will take months to digest it all.

This is an artist worthy of your support.

(My image of said album)

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