So bad it was funny

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Books, Cool stuff, General


Ted Mark is the author that wrote the Coxeman novels, the man (agent) from O.R.G.Y – John Stake was the Swedish translation. Me and my friends used to roar with laughter when we saw these books, they were just totally hilarious. So over the top that nothing has ever come close since (and of course, nobody would print anything like this these days). The thing is, the original books were quite typical for the genre, but the Swedish publisher must have decided to go as nuts as you possibly can, and get away with it. The covers were pretty good, usually a naked blonde in some uniform or other.

John Stake, agenten från PICK can be roughly translated to “John Cock – Agent of DICK”. On the back of these books you have a photograph of a dude surrounded by four naked ladies. Advertised as a crossing of Matt Helm, Casanova and Dr. Kinsey…

This book is a translation of the 1967 novel “Room At The Topless”. The Swedish title can be roughly tanslated to “The Six Shooter From Pickirosa” (Pickirosa being a rude hint at Ponderosa). This was book seven in Sweden, printed in 1969.

I did a Google search and found a number of posts on Swedish blogs, so it would seem that the series has reached a certain immortality after all.

(My scan of this book)


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