Obscure Barbi Benton cover

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Cool stuff, Music (general)


Not sure when this tribute album for British singer/bandleader Les Humphries was released, but my guess would be 1974 or 1975. Cheap compilations like this rarely have much information, and this is no exception. However, I did spot Barbi Benton on the cover, which made it a sure thing to have in the old collection. She was a Playboy model (July 1969, March 1970, May 1972 and January 1975, according to Wikipedia) and country singer in the first half of the 70´s, and she had a huge hit (that I quite liked) in Sweden with a song called “Ain´t That Just The Way” (she performed it in a McCloud episode, which helped). Her name is not mentioned on this LP cover.

As for Les Humphries, he had many hits with his Les Humphries Singers outfit, of which I really liked a song called “Mama Loo” (1973) that featured singer John Lawton (soon to be part of Uriah Heep). I was just a kid back then, this stuff was all over the charts. Some of it was OK though.

I kind of like this album, or album cover I should say.

(My image of said album)


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