As you know, free copies of RETROFUTURE 6 (Purple edition) and Tornado Blaze can be picked up by the public at the County Library here in Östersund and my good friend Thomas Drugg at the library (a good fellow that has also contributed some great articles to previous magazines) has created a flyer about this that I will start to distribute around town today. Also, the schools will open again soon, so that will be a good thing (I´m thinking high schools and universities).

The text on the flyer says:

Headline: Local Culture at the County Library

RETROFUTURE magazine issue 6 can be picked up for free at the County Library. It is created by local profile Michael Eriksson, this being his 100th publication. Loads of Deep Purple. A 28 page western edition, Tornado Blaze, has been included as a bonus. This is a novel with photographs by Eriksson. RETROFUTURE 6 is currently on display at a Tommy Bolin Exhibition in Sioux City, Iowa, USA. Bolin was playing guitar in Deep Purple in 1975-1976 and can be seen on the cover. His brother Johnnie is being interviewed in the magazine.

(Thank you Thomas)

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