Visiting Norderön

Posted: June 8, 2013 in General, Jämtland (County), My photographs, The Great Lake Monster


I spent yesterday afternoon with a friend of mine on Norderön, the second largest island in Lake Storsjön (usually referred to as The Great Lake on this blog). About 150 people lives on the island, but the history goes back to pre-viking days. Few places can be said to be more beautiful in Jämtland (county) and it felt appropriate to actually spend some time here and see some of the sights. This should have been done years ago, I know.

I also decided to give the residents a free copy of my publication “Storsjöodjuret” (“The Great Lake Monster”), so as we checked out the island, we also dropped 100 copies of this off at the same time. It just seemed like a good idea to do this here, were most people can see the lake no matter where you are on the island. And most of the people here have deep roots, they have simply lived here for generations. Meaning – many sightings (trust me on this), perhaps more will be recorded now?

The island can be reached by two ferries in the summer and by ice roads in the winter. We entered Norderön from the south, taking the ferry from Isön.


It is a small island. It takes a few minutes to drive across it in any direction by car. The first site of interest was the old church, roughly 800 years old (on the plus side). There has been additions built over the years, but the original stone church is still standing. It was locked, so we couldn´t get a peak inside on this trip, but we got some nice pictures. I love these old churches.

Then we passed the 18 hole golf course (located next to the church), and headed on to take a look at the viking house that a group of enthusiasts has built on the island. It turned out to be hidden in the woods near the shore but we eventually found it thanks to nice locals. And impressive it was too. The viking ship Hrafn, that they own, was not there, but we located that later on elsewhere (and managed to take a few snapshots of it there instead). I love the fact that people feel so strongly about their heritage that they create a place like this.

When we had seen the island (I think we saw most of it), and handed out the magazines (all but 11 copies out of the 100), we ended proceedings with a nice dinner at a place called Tivarsgård (located not far from the northern ferry port). With fantastic scenery, we dined there, avoiding some rain that came along at the same time.


I had a couple of Norrlands Guld (light beers) and a nice meal (Limousine burgers). Very good, and the staff was good looking too (they could have been beauty queens all of them, maybe it is something in the water around here?).

I dropped the last 11 copies of the magazine off here (they seemed to be pleased to have them) and then we took the northern ferry and continued our journey. But that´s for another post. Today I wanted to highlight this beautiful island, a place with a long history and an interesting future.

Long may it live.

(My images)

  1. varrick75 says:

    I love your site and pictures. I am a huge fan of the movie, “The American” with George Clooney. My all time favorite scene is him on the Ferry leaving Norderon I guess heading to Ison. I was wondering if you had any pictures of that scene you would see of a winter, fall and spring/summer shot. I can send you a picture of what I’m looking for. I would pay whatever you’d charge as well. Thanks.

    S. Hoover

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