Gunsmoke over Jämtland

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Books, Jämtland (County)


This post is mostly for locals I guess, and it deals with the subject of historic sites and fortresses in my county Jämtland. This book, “Krutrök över Jämtland (translates to “Gunsmoke Over Jämtland) by Erik J. Bergström, published by Jamtli Förlag (2001) in Östersund and for sale basically in my neck of the woods, deals with the subject in great detail.

So if you are a history buff and live in Jämtland, this book is clearly essential for you to own (and use as you explore our past).

I just wanted to slip this one in, after my last post in which I touched on the subject.

(My scan of said book)

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