Good days ahead

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Deep Purple Family, Retrofuture 6 - Celebration issue


It feels good to be alive right now. My holiday begins on June 6 and by then I should have RETROFUTURE 6 (rock edition, with Deep Purple MK4 on the cover) in from the printers. Here is a preview of the first spread in the magazine, most of the images has been shot by my longtime friend Michael Johansson. 100 copies will be shipped to the States (see earlier post) and 800 will be distributed for free in my neck of the woods in the next six months or so. The main magazine (western cover) will follow in October, and 900 out of a 1000 will be handed out and distributed in different ways ending on my 2014 holiday I think. It´s the beginning of the end for this hobby of mine. And a celebration (there will be a party with Deep Purple as the soundtrack).

This weekend seems promising too, starting off with a Car Exhibition in Östersund which will give me a chance to see and photograph a Batmobile (good fun I would say), and on Sunday I will see Michael Schenker in concert in Sundsvall in the good company of old friends.

As for the holiday, I am gearing up with some good DVD´s as well. There will be rainy days (this is Sweden). The second season of Spartacus, the final six episodes of Columbo (starring Peter Falk), etc. I have more episodes of High Chaparral to see and I will definitely be buying some more goodies in the coming days.

An impressive pile of books (of all kinds) awaits my full attention as well. I will have a summer jam packed with cultural bliss, in all shapes and forms. Yes, I am a happy geezer.

And on top of all this – I can´t stop listening to the new Deep Purple album. They have really delivered quite a masterpiece this time.

Good times.

(Images courtesy of Michael Johansson)

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