Posted: May 1, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General, Jämtland (County)


I´m not going to pretend that I´m an art critic, but I did visit an art school graduation type exhibition here in Östersund yesterday to see what a friend of mine (Martin Andersson) had been up to. I had scanned a small photograph of Tommy Bolin (live with Deep Purple, photographer unknown) from my collection a few weeks ago and was keen to see what this had resulted in. Martin showed me several experimental versions and the one pictured above was on public view. I saw some pretty good art I have to say, including a couple of Black Sabbath inspired paintings by a man called Kent Mattiasson.


This work by Martin is titled “The Starship” and features Led Zeppelin. It´s not for sale, but made for his own pleasure.

Maybe I should have taken more pictures and highlighted some of the other students work as well, but as I said, I´m not an art critic.

Östersund is a town beaming with creativity though.

(My images from the day)


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