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A little slice of paradise

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Magazines, Prepping


One cool thing about Sweden is that you can buy yourself an island, should you really want to. We have them by the thousands so it´s not a major problem. One lake nearby, Näkten, sports 365 of them, and that´s just one of countless lakes. Then there´s the open sea and countless more of them.

I really like this cover (Allt om Fritidshus 1-2 2013), and this issue deals with this matter in great detail. Good job.


Deepest Purple

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Scanning parts of the old Deep Purple collection for various Deep Purple projects as we speak. It´s not the first time and it´s not likely to be the last but I´m glad some of the good old stuff can be used in ways that fans can appreciate. If you bought the “Phoenix Rising” DVD (european version) in 2011 you got a faksimil version of an old magazine sporting loads of interviews etc, that was me. That was a good one for the fans, really nice effort from the team behind the product.

I can´t tell you more about upcoming projects right now, but watch this space…

Past and Present

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Here is a couple of new releases that is very pleasing to the senses, Deep Purple´s “Paris 1975” (Edel Music) and the first album from British Whitesnake-offshoot act Snakecharmer (Frontiers Records). “Paris 1975” is the first in a series of 10 concerts with Deep Purple from the classic years and it´s certainly a goodie. This was Ritchie Blackmore´s last concert with Deep Purple in the 70´s and he plays his ass off knowing full well that this is it – no more Deep Purple (for now, it would take him nine years to return). Purple performs “Burn”, “Stormbringer”, “The Gypsy”, “Lady Double Dealer”, “Mistreated”, “Smoke On The Water”, “You Fool No One”, “Space Truckin´”, “Going Down” and “Highway Star” and you also get a nice interview bonus (from back in the day) with David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice talking about all things Purple. Very nice. I have scanned parts of my magazine collection for Deep Purple Overseas (the team behind this) and I can see that some has been used in the booklet. Good fun.

Snakecharmer is a very cool band with two ex-Whitesnake members fronting, guitarist Micky Moody (the first man to join David Coverdale for his future projects after his split from Purple in 1976) and bass player Neil Murray. Joining them we see guitarist Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash), drummer Harry James (Thunder), keyboard player Adam Wakeman and singer Chris Ousey. This is pleasant old school, high class and yet another good band coming out of the ever growing Purple Family (Whitesnake branch). Any fan of early Whitesnake and Classic Rock should love this. 12 songs and only good ones.

This is my kind of music.