The importance of eye candy

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Books


This is a picture of five books in my library, bought because I am a big fan of great covers and good artwork in general. The author (Bertrice Small)  is well respected and beloved by many, but I bought these for the cheer class of these covers, since they are absolutely top notch.

Sadly, the publisher has no interest in mentioning who the cover artist is, so if you belong to those that would have liked that bit of information you are left in the dark. I think that is a sad state of affairs, since the covers are a part of what makes this so desirable. 

I know that this is the norm in the business but I wonder why it still is? Compare this to the cherished album cover (in the music industry), where the cover artist is always credited. Why album covers but not books? Old habits?

I welcome a change. I want to be able to find out more about the people that I think is doing a great job.

* * * * *

No malice intended to Bertrice Small nor her publisher. It was just a general topic I had in mind and these covers are fantastic.


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