Deepest Purple

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Scanning parts of the old Deep Purple collection for various Deep Purple projects as we speak. It´s not the first time and it´s not likely to be the last but I´m glad some of the good old stuff can be used in ways that fans can appreciate. If you bought the “Phoenix Rising” DVD (european version) in 2011 you got a faksimil version of an old magazine sporting loads of interviews etc, that was me. That was a good one for the fans, really nice effort from the team behind the product.

I can´t tell you more about upcoming projects right now, but watch this space…

(Scans from my collection)

  1. […] DP archival news : There are a number of projects currently in production for which Mike Eriksson has been extremely helpful. Mike is from Sweden and runs a DP magazine (attached) as well as an ongoing DP friendly blog which you should check out: […]

  2. Henrik says:

    Âr det du Mike, som på 80-talet gjorde ett svensk magazin, der hed Stargazer?

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