Crazy about books

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Books


I picked up on the importance of books as a kid, probably because of my grandmothers interest and the fact that we had a library a short walk from home. To me it was bliss to pay a visit and it wasn´t just Asterix and Tintin that drew me in, it was books for adults as well, like the Captain Hornblower series and books on history. Also, the market was full of adventure books for kids my age, all the titles that Classics Illustrated used to delve into on the comic book side of things. I would say that this early interest in books (and comics) helped forge me into the person that I am today.

I read reports now that kids don´t read anymore, nor does male adults and I can see the small libraries shutting down one after another. I take this as a sign that our society is going downhill now. The dwindling results of our educational system is depressing reading as well. Now we have kids with very limited skills in reading and writing at age 15. This was unheard of in the old days. On top of this, schools are burning at an alarming rate in Sweden. One school every single day. How is this even possible?

It would seem that my love for books and for discovering that wonderful world of tales, adventure, history and science as a kid largely is a thing of the past. As an adult, I have tried to install an interest in the youngsters around me but I can see how hard it is. I will continue though.

I can see now that there is a specific interest in my posts about books and this makes me happy. I may be a bit of a fanatic and collecting books is perhaps almost a vice for me, but it makes me very happy as well.

Here is how bad it is. I need to find myself a decent house one day so that my collection can be properly on display. I have heard this from like minded people as well. Got to have more space.

As it stands, I have books everywhere. If you ever were to visit me you wouldn´t have to wonder for very long what interests I have. Just look at the books. That´s the first thing I do if I pay somebody a visit. It speaks volumes if there are no books to see.

I love books. There you have it.

(Pictured above – a small part of my collection)


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