Tornado Blaze – coming up next

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Magazines, My photographs, My western gals, Retrofuture


There has been a slight change in my plans for 2013 due to some unforseen circumstances. The Montana Blue comic book will be delayed for 12 months or so (these things happen) and this means that this 28 page western novel, “Tornado Blaze”, will be next in line. Did all the work quite quickly since the novel itself already existed for RETROFUTURE 6 (due out this summer). I just moved the first part from that and created a full magazine (or a “special”, if you like), just adding a few pages and some fresh chapters to the novel. Part two will replace the pages I borrowed in RETROFUTURE 6, so I need to buckle down and do the work (again) now I guess. Not that I mind one bit.

Still, this feels good and I think that it looks pretty smart (a good looking model can certainly help a lot in these matters and I have to say that half the fun is creating a good presentation).

The novel is very eccentric. It is a spin-off from the Montana Blue thing, with the Norse God Thor taking a very special interest in our heroine, who is out to help her father out on the old ranch (which is under attack).

Maybe I will find the time to translate some of this stuff later on (or have somebody do it for me perhaps?). It starts here and now and in my neck of the woods in any case. I will print 1000 copies and I hope to have this out in March.

(My magazine cover)


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