Blackmore liked Bolin

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Magazines

I have been a fan of Deep Purple since 1971 (I discovered them at age 10) and I love the archeology side of it, reading all the interviews and books etc. One of the happiest additions to my collection in recent years was the purchase of (an old copy of) the UK publication International Musician and Recording World (march 1975), with a major interview with Ritchie Blackmore in it. This was right before he left Deep Purple and he was busy getting his first Rainbow album together at the time. A few short months later Tommy Bolin would be the new guy in Purple, having replaced Blackmore.

The interesting thing with this interview is that Blackmore mentions Bolin as a talent worth looking out for. This could be the source to the talk that Bolin was suggested to Deep Purple by Blackmore, and I think it probably is.

Blackmore has always been nice when talking about Bolin, but I think that this interview was the first on the subject.

Really good cover as well, one of the best in my collection.

(Scan of said magazine by me)

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