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Posted: September 5, 2012 in Feedback, My photographs, My western gals, Retrofuture

Just to recap the history of my western photography and the short novels that I have published through RETROFUTURE the last few years, here is some facts…

In 2009 I felt that it would be great fun to write a western novel that featured a young woman at war with evil. One morning, I actually woke up with the name Dakota Jane ringing in my head (divine inspiration surely, he he…) and ideas popped up. I asked a local model, Nina, if she would be up for the job but at that time the timing was off. I then contacted a rocker I knew from an earlier job through photographer Michael Johansson (for a previous publication), Lina, if she was up for it and she jumped at the chance of having some fun. Mind you, she and her friend had to spend hours in a car to get to me, so it was rather nice of her to accept the offer. We then spent two days shooting Dakota Jane (I still have to write about that on this blog) and the novel later appeared as a two parter in RETROFUTURE 1 & 2 in 2010. The character got the first cover and can be spotted on the second as well.

I had a blast doing this so I quickly decided that I needed to photograph another model in 2010 for a second novel and I then went back to Nina and checked out the situation there and this time she could make it. As mentioned earlier on this blog, we then shot two sessions with different outfits. A “making of Montana Blue” article appeared in RETROFUTURE 3 and then a full novel publication followed in early 2011. Plus the cover for RETROFUTURE 4 about a year ago (seen inserted into the image above).

I was aware of a comic book artist called Richard Svensson that I liked so I approached him and asked him if he would be interested in creating a western comic based on the original Montana Blue novel and he said yes. Big job, so I gave him time to get on with it. A 60 page magazine will kick off this project early next year (more to come on this).

Earlier this summer, I published a 28 page special with Dakota Jane and Montana Blue (the original novels) back to back. Printed 1000 copies and simply gave them away. This is an ongoing project, over 7000 magazines have gone out in my neck of the woods the last 28 months or so (but that´s another story). The Montana Blue novel was re-printed earlier this year in a third publication as well. So thousands of people have read it by now, which is pretty nice. Got some nice feedback as well.

Enter Tornado Blaze, the new project. I just posted a story about this one here on Trinkelbonker, and as you know this is a novel for 2013 and RETROFUTURE 6.

I have been a fan of James Reasoner´s blog Rough Edges for some time, and thought that I should let him know about this since he is covering the west scene in pulps so well, so we have been exchanging mails lately. Today I was thrilled to see a post on Rough Edges with a promise of more to come from James (a package is on the way, so he should be able to check it all out first hand soon), which may have something to do with the rising stats right now for Trinkelbonker (well, I guess the buzz about Tornado Blaze is on through Facebook as well, I can see that). I really appreciate the interest and I would say that I might consider to translate some of my novels for the States later on (should there be an interest). The Montana Blue comic book will certainly be sent over for publishers to see Stateside later on.

Not sure where this is going to end but I think it will outlast my RETROFUTURE publication, which is winding down as we speak within a couple of years.

I have ideas. As always.

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