Celebrating 100 magazines

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Deep Purple Family, Magazines, My western gals, Retrofuture, Retrofuture 6 - Celebration issue

Seen here are the two covers for the double issue of RETROFUTURE (6) that I am currently working on for next year. It marks a very special occation for me since this will eventually be the 100th publication that I have created since 1978. I am creating a category for this issue here on Trinkelbonker so that you will be able to follow the progress of the work process. It means a lot to me to reach this landmark number and I will make it a memorable one if I can.

First, it will be a double issue – two magazines in one. 100 pages. The printers can only deliver 60 page magazines so this is the option I have if I want to present a thicker publication, and this being the 100th that is what I want to do. The solution is a standard 60 page issue with wild west heroine (and brand new novel character Tornado Blaze) on the cover, adding a 40 page special with Deep Purple MK4 cover to go. The latter will feature a complete index of all the publications from the DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE days (1978-1983) until today.

It has been a long journey and since I know that the end is coming (I think 101 issues will be it, we shall see) I really want to present it in a nice way for collectors to see. The index will have loads of information on the magazines.

Seen here is the first spread of the index part and that image of Ian Gillan was taken back in 1993 by my friend photographer Michael Johansson.

Here are four selected covers from these years…



What you see is DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE issue 15, DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issue 8, LUCY IN THE SKY issue 2 and LE (LEKTYRENTUSIASTEN, published 2008). It has been a fantastic hobby to make these and I have met so many interesting people on the way, many whom became good friends. The cover images for DPF 8 and LE were taken by Michael Johansson (Deep Purple live in Germany 1993 and Tarja Turunen in 2007). DPM 15 sports an image of David Coverdale shot by Göran Holmquist 1977 in Copenhagen, LITS 2 has Xena art by Patricia Parker. The issue Tarja is showing is SLICE 2006. I have given her three covers over the years.

My current RETROFUTURE period will be known one day as the final years and at least I think the title is a very good one to go out with, the last few issues has been pretty strong. But times are changing and underground media is hard to sustain. At least I can say that I am ending it with some grace.

I might even throw a party when this is published next year, an idea has sort of presented itself. But more on that if it happens.

A comic book with wild west heroine Montana Blue is going out first, so it is early days. However, this is what I am currently busy working on and now you know.


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