Got to love the Pulps

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Books

When I was a kid there were loads of paperbacks on sale everywhere you looked, with juicy covers and quite frankly, some of the best cover art that I have ever seen (to this day). Naturally, I started to collect and although the scene hit a brick wall in the 80´s and vanished one can still find loads of these books in second hand stores. So the collection is still growing.

Seen here are some that I have collected over the years (six rows squeezed into a shelf), but I have more. The majority of these titles are classic Pulp (Carter Brown, Nick Carter, Mack Bolan, Hank Janson etc) but there is also some westerns and some science fiction. I also have a huge war collection.

I spoke to a swedish translator once and he told me that some of the swedish books had to be cut back as far as the number of pages go. Hard to know which ones though if the job is done properly. Still, great covers.

Also, Pulps are supposed to be some kind of second rate culture but I absolutely protest this notion. Some of these very books are still for sale today (some authors will never go away) but with terrible covers. The original idea, to package these books with colourful art with curvy chicks and a hint of deadly sin to boot, was far superior.

It still exists, but it is all nostalgia now. Nothing wrong with that though.

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