Over The Rainbow

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, My photographs

I saw Over The Rainbow at the Rockweekend festival in Sweden in 2010 and tried out my little Sony digital camera in a livesetting for the first time. Got a few decent shots but most came out out of focus. Sadly, I never filmed any of the show which was actually really quite good.

Lets face it, Ritchie Blackmore will never play his Rainbow hits again so Over The Rainbow was probably the closest thing to a reunion that we will ever see. Jurgen Blackmore did a decent job of it, in fact I would say that it really was like watching Rainbow again, 95% perfect. Good choice of songs to, the band kicked off with “Tarot Woman” which Ritchie would never have done.

Sadly, I hear that Over The Rainbow has been buried as a project and I have to say that this is rather sad news. Had they captured a show like this on film and released it, it could have taken off.

Also, with the talent involved, they should have been able to come up with a decent album themselves.

Still, I was lucky enough to see them. Fair enough.

(My image)


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