Montana Blue (second session)

Posted: August 15, 2012 in My photographs, My western gals, Retrofuture

Bad weather prevented us (that is, the model Nina and myself) from having a second session for the Montana Blue project in the summer of 2010, but on september 26 we finally got the chance. It was a beautiful day with sunshine and a very blue sky. With the changing season we got more colours in the surrounding nature as well. This time we worked around the area of composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger´s old timber house (and to be honest, we used it for some shots as well). This location is to be found on an island called Frösön in Lake Storsjön. A beautiful place.

This time, we shot the heroine Montana Blue in blue outfit. It was fun to put together before shooting and it looks quite smart. The upcoming comic book version of Montana Blue is inspired by this second outfit, the blue one, so I guess that speaks for itself although I find the original to be quite nice as well.

Two magazine covers came out of this session, first the original printing of the novel itself (in february 2011), then there was the cover of RETROFUTURE 4 in september 2011.


RETROFUTURE 4 was printed in 1000 copies and I guess about 850 or so are out right now. I am quite happy with these covers.

I guess I should write another novel for inclusion in an upcoming issue now, it would be a sad thing if I did not. I guess what I would really like to know myself is how the big battle that finally kills Montana Blue, and settles her as a Valkyrie at Odins court, will go down. That would have to be epic with loads of action. I need to write that.

Maybe for the final issue of RETROFUTURE?

(My images)


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