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Today I am happy to say that RETROFUTURE 7 has gone to the printers, so the plan for a release in May looks rock solid. As usual, I will print 1000 copies of which about 900 will be handed out for free (mostly in my neck of the woods, but some to the States as well).

As stated before, this is the first issue of the final four, it will all end with RETROFUTURE 10 one day. The Montana Blue comic will be spread out over these final magazines, and this starts now. About 24 pages (of the 60) belongs to Montana Blue in this issue.

The Deep Purple party I threw last year is also featured, seven pages in all (mostly in English) with plenty of pictures. 100 copies will be sent over to Johnnie Bolin for the Tommy Bolin festivities in Sioux City this summer. Friends of this blog will know the story (if this is news to you, just locate the “Deep Purple party 2013″ category on this blog). It was a twin city kind of thing. So that will be fun.

Pretty happy about this issue, it is exactly as eccentric as it should be. The interview with Michael “Mojo” Nilsson is a good one (his personal favourite as we speak, which is nice to hear), and I like the cover shot. The last session I ever had with the old Sony DSC-S750 (digital) camera.

Anyhow, the countdown is on.



We still have lots of snow here in Östersund (Jämtland county, Sweden), but April is coming up and that means that Spring is just around the corner. Plenty of interesting stuff coming up, so I am really looking forward to this summer.

I was contacted by UFO Sverige (UFO Sweden) about a week ago and they told me that they are coming to town on May 17 for an exhibition/conference that will be open to the public. They asked me to pop over to the chosen site and take a few pictures for ads etc, which I did a couple of days ago. I have never seen one of these public meetings so it is going to be quite interesting (they have been concentrated in towns down south in the past).

Got a phonecall from CMJ Productions over in Canada today regarding their upcoming episode “Storsie” in their new show Boogiemen. They are working on the final touches on this episode right now and wanted me to help them out with a couple of details. The show starts to air in April in Canada and the Storsie episode will be the 10th to air (so June/July is a fair guess). At that point they will sell the show to other countries. So that will be interesting to see. I wish them all the best.

Also, RETROFUTURE 7 is coming up next and we might have our first session for it next week (getting it down to what will eventually be 60 pages in InDesign for the printers). I hope to have this issue out in May – we will have to wait and see. It will be a good issue, another one to be quite proud of (which is nice). First of the final four.

The Cheyenne Rock project for RETROFUTURE 8 is coming up as well, and I am really looking forward to do the camera work for this with my new model this summer. Which reminds me that I have a novel to write as well, but I pretty much have the main thing in my head so that will be easy (I hope).

All in all, things are looking good.


Interesting news for friends of Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster – often called Storsie outside of Sweden) – I found a rare press report from an old newspaper called Blekings-Posten yesterday in a digital media archive run by Kungliga Biblioteket (The Royal Library), dated to July 21 1857. This is by far the oldest report that I have dug up, the majority of the early ones usually dates to the 1890´s and there is quite a lot of them (as I discovered a few years ago, and made them public through the pages of RETROFUTURE). But this is an early one as it stands, beating the ones we have seen with nearly four decades.

The report in Blekings-Posten refers to an article in another newspaper called Norrlands-Posten (this existed from 1837), operated out of the town of Gävle and covering the Northern parts of the country, including this area (Jämtland County). This is interesting news as well since I have never seen a report in print in this newspaper before – in fact, I was not even aware of its existense. But this means that we could have many reports lost to the archives spanning quite a long time.

What is clear is that any researcher will realise that if you use the search word “Storsjöodjuret”, the earliest hits will be the 1890´s sightings. Nobody knows who came up with this name for the animal (whatever it may turn out to be), but it popped up around this time. I found this report using the word “Sjöorm” (or “Sea Serpent”), which is interesting.

The Government of Sweden declared a few years ago that all newspapers must be scanned and made public in a digital archive and this is now beginning to build up. No local newspaper has yet been added, nearly all found reports in this archive so far about Storsie has come from media in the Southern parts of Sweden. These reports usually refers to a local source. I know from a friend of mine that works in a library here in Östersund that some of the original newspapers (buried deep in local archives) are in a terrible state, and much may not even be possible to scan. This means that in many cases, the press reports that we can find today are from other parts of the country.

I also spotted an unknown article from Östgöta-Posten, dating back to August 19 1898, quoting a report from Jämtlands-Posten ( a local newspaper). The author in this one describes the local scene around 1851-1855 when he lived in the village of Ås, and all the sightings they had back then. Again, this goes back several decades, which is very interesting. This author did not use the word Storsjöodjuret for the animal, indicating that he did not like it.

These reports will see print in RETROFUTURE 7 – and I am very happy to add them in this issue so that they may live on for a long time.

(Picture shows a rare Storsie collectors item of unknown origin, spotted at an auction)


There will be another 12 pages about the Great Lake Monster mystery in RETROFUTURE 7 in the Spring. Since the start of this publication back in 2010, I have published a 60 page special called “Storsjöodjuret” (“The Great Lake Monster”) about the subject, plus many pages in the ordinary issues of RETROFUTURE as well (over 90 after issue 7). I have presented forgotten history, previously unknown cases and I have even got a retired journalist to speak out in these pages (something he never did when he was active, for fear of ridicule) about a sighting he had back in 1992.

It goes without saying that local interest for this is very high here in Jämtland (county). The truth of the matter is that almost everybody in these parts have heard somebody relate to a story about these elusive animals from somebody close. There are many hundreds of press cuttings in the local archives and witnesses includes pilots, politicians, military personel and people from all walks of life. I saw this myself back in 1977 (see earlier posts) so I have no doubt whatsoever that the mystery is real. We just have not figured out the answers yet.

RETROFUTURE has been on the case though and it has been great fun I have to say. 12.000 magazines (and 3.000 flyers) have been handed out for free around the lake to attract attention to the fact that this publication is doing what local media could, but will not. To seek the truth. And the best way to do this is to talk to witnesses. I have met many now, talked to even more. Not long ago I talked with a man that served on a now closed Air Force base (F4) for an hour about a sighting that involved several witnesses, that happened over 40 years ago. Like many other key witnesses, he does not want to go public as yet. But he has no doubt.

There must be thousands of witnesses by now. Some day we will know what this is and it will be one hell of a day. Until then, we can only speculate, and RETROFUTURE is doing a bit of that as well.

That alone is a unique twist and I think it will go down in local history.

(Picture shows spread from RF7)


Did an interview for Canadian production company CMJ Productions this morning for an upcoming show called Boogeymen. This is a travel show that is being shot right now for airing next year. They wanted to include Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster) and contacted me a while back having seen my posts on this subject on this blog. So I set them up with the right contacts regarding this particular subject and they asked me to talk to them on camera as well. Hard to refuse, so I guess I am a Boogeyman now! The show will also include segments about Östersund and the surroundings.

Initially, the plan was to shoot down at Frösö harbour on the island of Frösön in lake Storsjön (The Great Lake), which is where I saw this elusive animal (whatever it may turn out to be) back in 1977. The sunlight was pretty good, but the wind made it impossible to do the job there. So the guys, three hard working young men that worked their asses off to make it work (Alexis, Yan and Guillaume), decided to film just a few shots of me walking around the area and looking out at the water etc, and then it seemed like a good idea to move operations to Jamtli (a local museum) to get the interview done indoors. One hour turned into three but in the end I think they could walk away with some decent quotes. I have no idea how they are going to save the rest of the schedule for today, but I am sure they will figure it out. I think they are in town for three days to get what they came here for.

Good fun, and I hope the Great Lake Monster episode turns out to be a successful inclusion in the series. Glad to help put this town on the map.

(Pictures were taken by Seth Nilsson, myself and a nice lady at Jamtli – many thanks!)


It is early Saturday morning and I am killing some time before heading out to meet a Canadian tv-crew who are in town to shoot a documentary about our elusive creatures in lake Storsjön (The Great Lake). Friends of this blog will know that I have seen a strange animal myself back in 1977 (far too big to be your standard fish) and that I have been involved in recent years in collecting and printing sightings and history regarding this mystery. Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster) is an ongoing affair and it is nice to see that international interest is on the rise.

What you see here is an original printing of the first book on the subject, published by Dr. Peter Olsson 114 years ago. Simply titled “Storsjöodjuret” (Jämtlandspostens boktryckeri, 1899) it deals with a number of cases and the author speculates about what it could be. Glad to own a copy of this book, it reminds us of how long people have had a genuine interest in the subject – in fact, this book came out when there was an ongoing effort to capture or kill one of these animals.

These days the hunt is on with more peaceful means (like Sonar equipment and underwater cameras). Something to be grateful for.


Here is a few snapshots from yesterdays Great Lake Monster meeting in Krokom (held in the new church, close to Lake Storsjön – The Great Lake). Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (roughly translates to the Great Lake Monster Association) invited people for a second such night for this Autumn in a village close to the lake, and roughly 60 people showed up. A dozen witnesses told their story about having seen this elusive animal at some point in the lake, about five for the first time. A recurring theme is the impact of these occurenses for the witnesses, most of whom had not thought much about the subject before having accidentally observed something amazing in the lake. Seeing is believing, that is the common bond of these people. I added my story and talked briefly about the upcomg issue of RETROFUTURE (coming in from the printers next week). The meeting took about three hours and the media ignored it as usual. I will never understand that.

Whatever this turns out to be, it is big and it is ongoing.

Does Champ Exist?

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Books, The Great Lake Monster


My interest in “Lake Monsters” came from my personal sightings in Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) here in Sweden in August 1977. In this lake, we have the unsolved mystery of Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster), an ongoing thing with hundreds – or probably thousands – of witnesses. So what could it be? This question will haunt anybody that has seen a glimpse of a large unknown animal and as an avid book reader I have come to realise that the mystery is not confined to just a few famous lakes (like Loch Ness etc), but to quite a few. Not least then in America and Canada. One such case is the ongoing mystery at Lake Champlain at the American-Canadian border in the Vermont area. “Does Champ Exist?” (Coachwhip Publications, 2007) by authors Gary S. Mangiacopra and Dwight G. Smith deals with the historic Lake Monster Conference that was held in Shelburne, Vermont, in August 1981. Everything that was said on the conference is part of this book, which is a fascinating document.

The thing I can´t help but notice is how easy it is to recognise the gerenal patterns – the many cases, the witnesses, the controversity. It mirrors what we have here in Sweden in staggering detail. Even the history of the lakes themselves are quite similar. The Great Lake was connected to the sea 9.000 years ago, Lake Champlain has a similar history.

This book is very helpful in bringing this case the kind of international recognition that it deserves. The authors have done a splendid job and one that I think is important. I have been in touch with Mr Mangiacopra and he was kind enough to send me copies about our mystery from US media. One of the cases turned out to be a rather famous pilots sighting from 1954, a case that I have tried to locate press clippings about for years. Kind of strange that the first I got was from abroad, but kind of interesting as well.

I think this is a mystery that merits a broader investigation. It is certainly part of human nature to want to solve mysteries. A certain complacency have dogged this subject matter for decades but one day this wall may well be shattered by some rather sensational news. But from where?

Tonight I will attend another local meeting listening to witnesses, we live in interesting times.


There will be another Great Lake Monster night with witnesses on October 7 in a town called Krokom (situated by lake Storsjön, The Great Lake) – I promised that I would put up some flyers and posters around Östersund so I will take care of this in the next few days (starting tomorrow morning on my way home from work).

Friends of this blog will be aware of what goes on when these meetings takes place, it is a very interesting project. I will be there as usual and a report will follow on this blog.


Jämtlands Bryggeri, a local brewery, went public today with the Christmas Beer of 2013 that will be available from mid-November in these parts, and as you can see they have gone with a Great Lake Monster on the bottle this time. They estimate to sell around 270.000 bottles according to their homepage.

One of these bottles will certainly end up in my old collection.